Sharon Green - Diana Santee, Spaceways Agent Series (#1-13)

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Sharon Green - Diana Santee, Spaceways Agent Series (#1-13)

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Diana Santee, Spaceways Agent Series by Sharon Green (#1-13)

Sci-Fi/Fantasy - ePub 4 MB

From Book 1: Diana Santee woke to find herself helpless on a starcraft bound for nowhere with all its controls destroyed.

Beyond all known space she was saved by the secret outpost of an undiscovered star federation. They needed a girl like her for a desperate mission on a medieval world they were secretly probing.

She fit the bill; she volunteered in gratitude. But when she became the unwanted mind guest of a terrified virgin princess, it went beyond anything her space agent training had prepared her for...

1. Mind Guest (1984)

2. Gateway to Xanadu (1985)

3. Tanderon (2011)

4. Tristesse, part 1 (2011)

5. Tristesse, part 2 (2011)

6. Esmonia (2011)

7. Xanthia (2011)

8. Aysanne (2011)

9. Tildor (2011)

10. Restin (2011)

11. Absar (2011)

12. Gralling (2011)

13. Durell (2011)
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