Belinda Pollard - Wild Crimes Mysteries (#1-2)

Crime, action-adventure, detective, noir, suspense, legal thriller
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Belinda Pollard - Wild Crimes Mysteries (#1-2)

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Wild Crimes Mysteries by Belinda Pollard (#1-2)

Mystery/Thriller - ePub 2.6 MB

Poison Bay (#1)
When the wilderness is not your only enemy, who do you trust?
Television reporter Callie Brown likes big cities and good coffee. But, running from a broken heart, she agrees to join old friends at the strangest of reunions: a trek into New Zealand's most savage and remote mountains.

What she doesn't know is that someone wants them all dead.

Eight people were in the room when a fledgling actress died. Ten years later they are invited on an incredible journey, all expenses paid.

By the time they understand the expedition's true purpose, old secrets are baring their claws, and it is too late to turn back.

Venom Reef (#2)
“She surfaced too fast. Spluttering, she trod water gently, trying not to splash, trying not to look like prey.”
Television journalist Callie Brown leaps at the chance to make a documentary on an idyllic tropical island—even though she’s not sure about working with Jack Metcalf again.
In a remote corner of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, some of the world’s most venomous creatures are yielding compounds that could change the face of medical research forever.
When nature turns against the island’s inhabitants, is it a freak occurrence or something more sinister? As danger escalates, Callie and Jack will have to stop fighting each other and start fighting for their lives.
But first, they must work out who among the dwindling group of survivors is determined to destroy them
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