Walter R. Brooks - Freddy the Pig series (#1-26)

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Walter R. Brooks - Freddy the Pig series (#1-26)

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Freddy the Pig series by Walter R. Brooks (#1-26)

Fiction | Children - ePub 128 MB

From Book 1: First published between 1927 and 1958, the 26 classic books about Freddy the Pig have delighted five generations of children and are now going on to delight a sixth.

Walter R. Brooks introduced Freddy the Pig in Freddy Goes to Florida. Freddy and his friends from Bean Farm migrate south for the winter, with every mile of the way a terrific adventure complete with bumbling robbers and a nasty bunch of alligators. This is vintage Freddy and the whole ensemble cast at their charming best.

1. Freddy Goes to Florida
2. Freddy Goes to the North Pole
3. Freddy the Detective
4. The Story of Freginald
5. Freddy and the Clockwork Twin
6. Freddy the Politician
7. Freddy's Cousin Weedly
8. Freddy and the Ignormus
9. Freddy and the Perilous Adventure
10. Freddy and the Bean Home News
11. Freddy and Mr. Camphor
12. Freddy and the Popinjay
13. Freddy the Pied Piper
14. Freddy the Magician
15. Freddy Goes Camping
16. Freddy Plays Football
17. Freddy the Cowboy
18. Freddy Rides Again
19. Freddy the Pilot
20. Freddy and the Space Ship
21. The Collected Poems of Freddy the Pig
22. Freddy and the Men from Mars
23. Freddy and the Baseball Team from Mars
24. Freddy and Simon the Dictator
25. Freddy and the Flying Saucer Plans
26. Freddy and the Dragon ... 2tMFgies3y